Published on:
Jan. 28, 2017

Welcome to my Blog. My name is Jay and I wrote this blogging app for myself. I originally started on this project just as a way to learn about web development, but now I might as well use it! In upcoming entries you can look forward to reading about the technologies I'm using and what resources I'm using to learn them.

For now this site is still heavily under construction, so you can expect frequent upgrades/changes to the layout and features as I learn more. In my next blog, you can look forward to a review of Zed Shaw's "Learn Python The Hard Way," followed by a review of Harvard's CS50X.

Until then, thanks for checking out my website, and if you haven't already head over to my About Me page and click refresh a few times to learn some fun facts about me and see my first purely original (no tutorials) database trick. If you have a request for a blog entry, or a suggestion for something you think I'd like to learn about, please let me know.

See you next time!